Film | Who Can Replace Whitney Houston

If you have not seen one of the all-time classics that is, The Bodyguard, then Im not sure what or where you have been hiding. For those that have this may come as a surprise to you. The guys over at Warner Bros Studio are going to do a remake of the motion picture which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Who’s up for selection you ask?! Well lets have a look…

Rihanna has had a strong year reigning across the world with her music and now her taste in fashion. The artist from Barbados is set to be a hot tip favourite agaisnt the rest. I hope its not because of you know what {Chris Brown} due to the fact Whitney Houston’s role has got som similarities and so she maybe able to play it well. Who knows only time will tell.

As a well known actress and a woman that has played many roles, I personally feel she suits the role the best.

After her weight transformation which was it has to be said a fantastic achievement. Her singing has taken another height within itself. And this in turn could put her ahead of the pack. Not my personal first choice but her singing puts her up there.

Monica is someone that has not been on the music scene for a while  now. Could she be a darkhouse?! I doubt it much every other candidate offers just that bit more and in our current climate and well recognised.

Beyonce is not only a woman with a great and powerful voice but acting is not new to her. She has co starred in a few films now has done a lead role alongside Idris Elba. So her gettin picked for the role wouldnt be a suprise

Now Brandy is similar to Monica in terms of music style and she has not released anything recently. Although she has acted on many occassions, although a more comic role its still acting. But similar to Monica would be a massive surprise if she was chosen ovet the rest.



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