Music | Anyone Want Some Justin Bieber Shoes For Sale

Been a fan of Justin Bieber?  You can put down the stalking devices right now.  Firstly, he’s gotten a new haircut so it’s kinda hard to get a lock of his hair, secondly, he’s with Selena Gomez now and looks like there’s nothing breaking them up and thirdly there’s an easier way to get the Biebs DNA.  Get his shoe. By bidding, of course. There’s no such thing as a free teenage superstar shoe anyway, at least not in this part of the universe.

Not just any other shoe, this purple Nike is autographed and worn by Justin Bieber himself. The used shoe features dirt and scuffs on bottom for authenticity proof, and if you check out the autograph, you’ll see that Justin Bieber signed his full name. This, in Bieber world, is a very rare happening. Here are some peeks of the much-talked-about shoe




  1. yeah i love love love jb when he first released his first vidio on youtube i was his number 1 fan and i want those when dose the bidding start please come down to baltimore i have everythinbg of yours and a poster my brother ripped i need a new one but my mom cant get one. love ya jb ravyn <333333333! heres my moms info.

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