Music | Wiz Khalifa v Ghostface Killah v Drake?!

Well Rumour has it, Ghostface killah dissed Wiz Khalifa regarding his ‘Roll Up’ track, mentioning it as a soft tune for babies. And goes in on Young Moneys Drake. Have A Read…

But allegedly, Ghostface Killah was heard saying some pretty hilarious yet disrespectful things about Wiz Khalifa as well as Drake. Be prepared to either agree or disagree, but either way you’ll have a hearty laugh.

Ayo whattup this Deini the Wally Champ namsayin aka Stapleton’s Finest. Ayo I aint really got no problems wit the n**** Wiz Kalifrah nahmeans. Matter fact I aint really know who the n**** was til bout 5 minutes ago n sh*t namsayin. But yo jus so i aint step on this n**** toes or nothin like that…cos the god sincerely wish the little n**** the utmost success n alla that but yo Imma hafta keep it really 100 wit yalls. This Roll Up sh*t kinda soft namsayin. By that a n**** mean you could probably rock a cryin baby to sleep wit this sh*t nahmeans. This some sh*t for the nurseries n sh*t namsayin. Ayo a n**** listen to this sh*t at the wrong time n he liable to start hangin one them posters wit the little babies dressed like animals n vegetables n sh*t on they walls. A n**** might go cop one them calendars wit the kittens dressed up like they firemen n hang that sh*t in the hallway namsayin. Ayo this sh*t be like the sh*t yall hear in Calgon commercials n sh*t. Sh*t sounds like it was produced by muthaf*ckin Yanni or some sh*t. N**** soundin like he gon get muthaf*ckin Enya n Barbra Streisand to jump on the remix n sh*t. This like some sh*t they play in the room when bitches be givin birth n sh*t. What n**** supposed to do with this sh*t light candles n soak in a tub by they f*ckin selves n sh*t? Nahmeans. Bitches gon think they can slap a n**** around if they hear a n**** knockin this sh*t voluntarily n sh*t. Word bond. A n**** gon grow titties listenin to this kinds a sh*t. Ayo muthaf*ckin Lubriderm called n wanna know if they can bottle ya soft ass song n****. Muthaf*ckin Hostess wanna know if they can use ya soft ass song to fill Twinkies n sh*t. Fuck outta here wit this sh*t n**** . Ayo word bond Staten island n***** dont play this sh*t son nahmeans. Word. Ayo we punch the sidewalk when we happy n****. Thats a good day n****! Ayo we eat broken glass when we in a good mood n****! Thats real talk. N***** be shootin at each other when we be sayin hi to each other to keep n***** sharp. We test each others reflexes n keep n****s on they toes n sh*t nahmeans! Thats love n****. Thats real family values muthaf*cka! Yall soft serve n*****  dont know nothin bout that. This some sh*t for n*****  to braid they other n*****  hair to. Word. Aight peace.
















And to Drake:

Ayo whattup internet n*****  its ya big homie Ghostface aka Theodore Deini the Wallabee Champ. Ayo I just seen this video wit that n**** Drake talkin foul bout his elders n sh*t. N**** be splashin his cologne on n*****  nahmean. N**** tryna rub his cologne on n*****  n keep his ass in the picture namsayin. He like that n****  in the backseat of the car pokin his head between the front seats tryna stay in the conversation wit front seat n*****  nahmeans. Ayo the n*****  Jay n Kanye be front seat n*****  . N*****  got seat warmers n sh*t. N*****  can change the station on the car stereo n sh*t namsayin. The n****  Drake be tryna play wit the knobs on the stereo nahmeans. The n****  can’t adjust the heat controls n sh*t cos he a backseat n****  namsayin. N****  you look out the side windows nahmeans. You aint built for windshield views n sh*t. N*****  like Drake aint built for the front seat. N****  in the back with the child locks n sh*t. You aint no airbag havin n****  Drake. You need n***** permissions n sh*t to crack ya windows nahmeans. N***** need to open ya doors n****.

Muthaf*ckas in the front seats open they own doors nahmean. Front seat n***** got legroom nahmean. N***** push back they seats n take ya legroom nahmean. Ayo Drake n***** is takin ya legroom if they see ya ass. Ya backseat ass n****. Ayo before I even go on wit that why the f*ck this n**** always be gruntin when he say that n**** Wayne name n sh*t? N**** be droppin his little anecdotes n sh*t n the muthaf*ckin stories always be some sh*t where the n**** gotta start gruntin n groanin bout that n**** nahmeans. N**** talkin bout how the other n**** be makin the muthaf*cka nervous n sh*t. Ayo when n***** was makin joints like Protect Ya Neck n Reunited n sh*t n***** wasn’t in the studio gruntin n makin f*ck faces over the other n***** darts n sh*t. N***** wasn’t lookin at other n***** in the studio like ayo god ya makin a muthaf*cka weak in the knees wit that sh*t namsayin. Wasn’t no n***** talkin bout how they gettin all tingly n sh*t when a n**** spit his darts. Ayo we aint no homophobe n***** but straight up if the n**** U-God say to the god ayo Tony ya makin me nervous n sh*t I would had gone n smacked that n**** in his throat n sh*t. I’da put the stallions on that n****. N**** would had gotten thrown through five walls n come out of a room 3 doors away from where he was n sh*t namsayin. Only two reasons why n***** be makin other n***** nervous n that sh*t either cos the n**** wearin a wire or he a homo n****. Word bond.



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