Politics | Nelson Mandela Lauches Clothing Line ‘46664’

Im not sure what to say when I first saw the headline, I was laughing inside, but then came to my common sense that Nelson Mandela cant be bringing out clothing brand going to be in several high street or boutiquq shops, is it?

Nelson Mandela

Mandela Foundation are the ones coming out with a clothing line. Named after Mandela’s inmate number at Robben Island Prison, the 46664 Apparel Line was announced yesterday.

The profits from this project will help sustain the foundation’s charitable gifts and at the same time boost South Africa’s textile and clothing industry which has been in trouble for quite some time.

The 46664 line is designed by Seardel, South Africa’s biggest textile and clothing manufacturer. It features men’s sportswear with bright colors and African-influenced women’s wear with intricate patterns.

Achmat Dangor, a Mandela foundation board member, said:

“You are not just investing in a piece of apparel … you also are investing in a plan that will continue to spread that humanitarian legacy.”

If you’re into the details in what you wear, 46664 features colorful African shweshwe cloth discreetly lining the waistband in a pair of pants or chinos, closed by two brass buttons and one red button, branded with 46664.

A t-shirt will cost about $26 (180 rand), a collared shirt will be sold for?




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