Footwear | YSL vs Louboutin

Well just of late, Louboutin have been of talk amongst several fashion addicts in terms of its footwear and the different styles they will be releasing this spring/summer.

Ah, another pair of Louboutin shoes, you say? Well you’re wrong. This is a pair of YSL heels. What’s up with the red soles, you might ask? That, my dearests, is exactly the thing putting YSL in a bit of a pickle right now. Christian Louboutin, whose shoes has been seen on the feet of every hot Hollywood stars, is suing fashion rival Yves Saint Laurent over the use of the red soles on their new shoes.

The trademark infringement lawsuit was filed last Thursday in Manhattan and an excerpt of it said:

“Mr. Louboutin is the first designer to develop the idea of having red soles on women’s shoes.”

Reports say that Louboutin had asked Yves Saint Laurent America to stop selling red-soled shoes in the same select Manhattan stores as he does. Moreover according to Reuters, the suit said:

“Defendants’ use of red footwear outsoles that are virtually identical to plaintiffs’ Red Sole Mark is likely to cause and is causing confusion, mistake and deception among the relevant purchasing public.”

Reuters also reported:

The suit asks for a U.S. judge to impose $1 million in damages and order YSL to stop manufacturing similar designs.

There has been no comments released yet from YSL’s mothership – the Gucci Group – and Yves Saint Laurent America declined to comment



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