Music | Wiz Khalifa & Getting High On Tour

With his up and coming tour set to be a sell out, Wiz Khalifa tell’s us more about his lifestyle on how he used to get high when writing lyrics and an insight into why he called his album ‘Rolling Papers’.

He recently done an nterview with Hip Hop Wired about the first time he smoked weed and how his parents reacted when they found out he was in love with it:

“I got really stoned.  I thought I was sleep but I was awake… I was little bit younger than I should have been but then I stopped smoking and then started again.  My dad didn’t like it but my mom didn’t care but after a while  they seen it wasn’t affecting anything and I was still productive… But they didn’t really care.  My mom wanted in.”

“It’s an appropriate title. It’s called Rolling Papers, like the papers that you roll, the papers that I roll, the papers that we smoke. But it’s deeper than that too. I thought of this before I even started recording the album and before it was a full idea. It’s not just about the weed thing. It’s bigger than that. My career really took off when I started smoking papers. The second reason I called it Rolling Papers is when I left Warner Bros., I sort of got my ‘rolling papers.’ I got my contract, fucking rolled up, and smoked. And I was able to walk and I was able to leave and I was able to do my thing and I was able to capitalize off that. So that’s another pair of papers that I really needed in my life.

The third reason why I named it Rolling Papers, I quit writing a long time ago. I stopped physically writing it down or putting it in my BlackBerryor iPhone. I write notes down, but I don’t write whole verses, so it was like saying goodbye to the paper. The paper’s rolling out too. So everything is real natural.

Wiz is in the UK in May and if your unlucky enough not to have any tickets to his tour, we may put some after party tickets for a competition online, keep it locked.



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