Footwear Friday | YSL x Adidas x Air Jordan

Footwear Friday is here again which means the weekend is about to start. This week YSL, Adidas and Air Jordans are the 3 brands that had kicks that caught my eye. Remember if these aint trending now, they will be so be the first to start rocking them.

Check it our below;

If you want to experience a new style for your feet, the Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2011 Sneaker Collection is the perfect sneaker selection, which captures your heats. These sneaker models are designed with perfection so that the users are not unhappy by wearing these pairs of shoes Yves Saint is a unique sneaker brand, which makes high-class sneaker for the users. The creator of this shoe has added striking color shades to the shoes so that it gives a bright look to the feet.  There are five different pairs of sneakers, which are expected to be released for summer 2011. Each pair of sneaker has unique color shade, which are very rare sneaker shades. You will have a good style and performance by wearing this sneaker, and it can be matched with various dress materials.

This time Adidas has introduced a hybrid sneaker to its fans. The adidas Originals Roundhouse Mid – Black is a master creation by Adidas to feel the new technology in footwear. You will be proud to have these sneakers in your possession and enjoy the unlimited performance. This sneaker looks stunning with the black shade, which is made with black leather. The tip of the shoes is made with a perforated design, which gives a good flow of air to the leg. This sneaker is a hot selling model available in the stores and the users are impressed by the sexy looks. It is a dream comes true for you to have these sneakers in your possession and feel the unlimited performance and durability. Your feet will look modern and stylish by the black dark and it gives a shining look.

The Air Jordan III Retro 2011 – Black – Cement has a posh look with breath taking design. This sneaker is constructed to remember the legacy of Jordan, which specializes in basket ball sneakers. You will have a first-class feeling by tiring this sneaker and it gives a fine prop up to the feet. The entire upper part of the body is finished up of leather and it gives first-class performance. You will get all the comfort by tiring this sneaker and it helps you to have good actions with your leg.  The cement and black colors gives a freaky look to this sneaker and it has a superior feeling to the feet. Your feel will royal and grand by wearing this model.



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