Music | Dr. Dre X Chrylser???

From beats by dre to its expansion to limited editions with celebs like Justin Beiber and now onto cars!. There is no stopping Dre with his music as he evolves our sounds waves to its best capacity now with one of the biggest auto-mobile firms.

A few months ago, it was announced that producer/rapper/musician Dr. Dre, is linking arms with one of America’s famous automobile companies: Chrysler.
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Dr. Dre incorporates his Beats By Dr. Dre audio technology in the Chrysler 300s. The automobiles will feature a 10-speaker system that according to Jimmy Iovine from Interscope Records “will set the bar for the way music should be heard in cars.”

President and CEO of Chrysler Brand stated:

“Beats By Dr. Dre has always been about restoring the emotional music connection between an artist and the listener, and Chrysler vehicles beginning with the Chrysler 300S will let drivers hear music the way the artists intended.”

The collaboration is set to launch to the market this fall. Meanwhile, here’s the preview of Dr. Dre X Chrysler commercial.



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