London’s Carnaby Street is the original home of British fashion.

London’s Carnaby Street was the original home of British fashion in the 1960s and it still is  with concept stores for vintage. There are  loads of 2nd hand clothes stores around London such as Covent Garden and Portobello Market for cool rejects. All this  cutting-edge fashion ensures that young/old Brits are pretty well-dressed, but Carnaby Street does it for me.

Welcome to Carnaby Street London

People from all over the UK have come to study in the capital and also find there way to Carnaby Street. The youth market have Created their own individual style and reinventing classic looks, such as the sixties look.

Men’s Monk Strap Shoes

Major fashion retailers now have stores in Carnaby Street which has taken away the boutique-feel the area once had but the area has expanded to include the side streets and they still have the one-off stores.

With Carnaby street thriving and the sixties look taking over London, Carnaby Street is  one of London’s most popular/distinctive shopping and lifestyle destinations. A place to be.



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