Event 22nd July | G-Shock EAST 1st ANNIVERSARY!

G-SHOCK EAST SESSION’S FIRST ANNIVERSARY!. On a personal note, since the store has been opened we have not only been admirers of what the guys do over at G-Shock EAST in terms of watches and session’s, but the overall vibe they get at their events are class. We were lucky enough to be the first brand to collaborate with the ground breaking watch brand and ever since then have been working behind the scenes on other projects that will soon be revealed. If for some ODD reason you have not been to a G-Shock Session your missing out on some serious vibes with the latest in RnB, Hip Hop and Dubstep artist performing with NEW Watch releases aswell.

This is what happened at our Collaboration just over 6 months ago VA-Garments X G-Shock EAST, imagine how their sessions are turning out now!

This FRIDAY 22nd JULY, 7PM – LATE, The line up speaks for itself.

A G-Shock watch can finish off your outfit or is it at times an unnecessary accessory? Make sure your a follower of the store @GShockEast


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