Fashion | Has Mandela showed some Fashion brands about style??

if you are a regular to the blog you would have seen us post about Mandela’s ‘46664’ Fashion Line. 

he Nelson Mandela Foundation has released a Nelson Mandela-inspired clothing line earlier this year as we reported, and the line titled 46664 has now come up with a new lookbook. The brand is envisioned as South Africa’s first global apparel brand. It pays homage to Nelson Mandela, the hero who fought for racial equality during the apartheid period.

The name “46664″ represents a significant meaning: it was Mandela’s prison ID while he was incarcerated for treason and sentenced to hard labor at the Robben Island prison off the coast of Cape Town. The clothing line is also envisioned to provide a sustainable platform that would benefit clothing and textile manufacturing industries of South Africa.

Looking at the pictures the images seem to have this United Colors of Benetton feel to it with an african twist. Some really nice bold colors alongside some sumptuous prints.

(via sojones)

Has Mandela Come Across A Smart Money Making Scheme with 46664? 


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