MFW | The trends are unveiled

Cars and softness are the key words that inspired the clothes for the spring/summer 2012 collection from Prada, which closed the season with a profit of 74.2% up on 2010. The German Philipp Plein strengthened the rock DNA of the brand, choosing Lindsay Lohan as its spokesperson. The collection is a mix of leather jackets and light evening wear. Colours and foulards with floral prints for the last show of the D&G label. The show of the main collection was spectacular: the pair reproduced scenes from the life of a small town in southern Italy. Scarlett Johansson walked the boards. White, black and sombre for the Piazza Sempione capsule collection designed by Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi (this pair no longer providing creative guidance at Ferré). Seabeds and mermaids for Versace. Fringes, pleats and soft trousers for Gucci. This salon was “accused” by the Daily Telegraph of having caused a crisis in the London fashion week by claiming that the models would arrive in Milan early for a pre-casting. The Ppr label stated that no particular request had been made with regard to casting.

in this video you will see some real abstract floral patterns, designs and misty colors used. Prada have mixed this with a baggy look feel and suttle matching bags to go with the outfit.

Have Prada still got a hold of the market as they may of had several years ago?

Fendi keeping it Fendi Style…

Dolce & Gabbana…


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