VA-Garments | Kieran Yates (A Woman On A Mission)..

In this picture: VA-Boat Neck Brogue Tee (EXCLUSIVE)

May I start of by saying a massive big up to Miss Yates for her current success on her latest book to release on called ‘ Generation Vexed ‘

We at VA-Garments were fortunate enough to meet up with Kieran before she released her book and word has it we have got a big up in the book as ‘Exciting Fashion Entrepreneurs’ (love that).

A brief statement to some up Miss Yates is she is an energetic Freelance Journalist/Author/ Consultant/I got the swag and it’s pumpin out my ovaries.

Who has and still writes for the likes of –The GuardianThe Independent, MTV, Dazed and Confused, Red Bull and the rest…

Generation Vexed is Out Now!! and selling thick and fast. The book sums up how Kieran and fellow friend Nikesh discuss life experiences.

Description (via :

For a few days at the start of August, England was gripped by the riots that erupted in its city centres. Although there were various motivations behind the trouble and a broad spectrum of ages and backgrounds involved, the front pages were emblazoned with images of hooded youths running amok and stories of the revenge of the feral underclass.In this final part of the Brain Shots: Summer of Unrest series, Nikesh Shukla and Kieran Yates interrogate whether young people are deliberately conforming to a stereotype foisted upon them, and point instead to the creativity and entrepreneurialism that are defining a supposedly ‘lost’ generation. “

Did The Riots Show Our ‘Young Urban’ Community For What It Really Is?


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