Fashion | Are Phosphor Watches The Way Forward?!

The Buzzin Phosphor watch features a crystal face and outer rim to bring extra ice to any outfit. Say bye to the hands on a typical watch and say hello to crystals on miniature-sized rotors that revolve to reveal the time. Don’t want to share the time and just want to wear the watch as a jewelry? Easy. The time can be completely hidden behind crystals until a button is pushed to reveal the colored, time-displaying crystals. As Mann said:

“This watch makes me feel like money!!! I swag it out from LA to the UK and as soon as they see the digital crystals they know I’m on.”

The men are not the only ones getting all glammed-up by Phosphor. Ladies, please welcome the gorgeous “Appear” watch. Covered with Swarovski crystals on the entire face and top ring of the watch, the Appear will help you get your diva on. Going on the whole holiday festivities? The Appear is available in perfect holiday colors including red and white, as well as pink and black patent leather.

Given what’s offered, it’s not a surprise if the Phosphor Appear is adored by celebrities such as Kim Zolciak from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, Kendra Wilkinson, Faith Evans and Ashley Benson.

(via sojones)

Would You Reconsider Purchasing A Phospohor Watch Over An Audemar, Storm or Hublot Watch?


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