Artist | Ed Sheeran sporting VA-GARMENTS

Ed Sheeran the phenomenon of the moment, the ginger haired, young acoustic lad. Ed” Sheeran  is an English singer/songwriter who is currently signed to Asylum/Atlantic Records. Ed Sheeran broke through commercially in June 2011, when his debut single ‘THE A TEAM’ debuted at number 3 on the UK CHART. Although VA-Garments have known and followed Ed Sheeran on Music Tours. We always knew he was one to look out for.His ability to play an acoustic guitar with a sort of country but edgy voice that can be used in so many ways. Ed sheeran writes his own lyrics and has collaborated  with some of UK’S great talents.

Begining of this year 2011, Ed Sheeran released his final independent EP, he had Collaborations featuring appearances from WileyJMEDevlinSway and Ghetts. With this EP, Ed Sheeran gained mainstream attention for reaching number 2 in the iTunes chart without any promotion or label, selling over 7,000 copies in its first week. “AMAZING RIGHT, I KNOW”


Be Apart of the lifestyle, be apart of the future…..VA-GARMENTS LTD…. CHECK OUT HIS LATEST SINGLE ‘LEGO HOUSE’  FEATURING  RUPERT GRINT. You can pre-order the Lego House EP featuring acoustic versions of Lego House & Grade 8 here:

Follow Ed Sheeran on TWITTER/FACEBOOK :


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