Fashion | G-Star Raw Open Flagship Store in Hong Kong

Denim and lifestyle brand G-Star Raw has opened its largest global flagship store in Hong Kong in the Times Square area in Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island. This marks the brands second store in Hong Kong but the brand’s largest in the world, accounting for 680 square meters of retail space.

The new store launched with an opening ceremony including stunt men and women running down the façade of the building who featured a traditional Chinese lion dance, an acoustic performance from Skylar Grey, and the store is also playing host to the travelling gallery, Raw Art Series, which re-contextualizing denim as collectable art objects for the next four weeks.

G-Star has expanded rapidly over the last few years, opening stores in the world’s biggest metropolitan capitals including Tokyo, New York, and Sydney. In December 2011, G-Star celebrated the opening of its 300th store at Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles, and currently has over 6,000 points of sales in 70 countries.

Although G-Star Have Now Opened More Than 300 Stores Worldwide, What Type Of Consumers Do You Feel They Have Expanded To?


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