Music | Nas In Debt

Another day, another rapper, another tax problem. This time it hits rapper Nas (again), as he’s being penalized for $339,000 in income tax from the IRS, as reported by TMZ. The number was derived from the money Nas earned way back in 2010. This isn’t Nas’ only problem, as he also owes close to $6 million dollars for years of unpaid taxes, as revealed back in January 2011.

Seriously, there should be some special course for these rappers to get their finances together.

The IRS has put a lien on Nas’ assets, as he owns several properties including an estate in Eagles Landing, Georgia. The rapper who’s preparing to release a new album will have to settle his tax problem as soon as possible. We’d hate to see him go to jail. In fact, he’s also planning to release his memoir titled “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” which will tell stories about his rise to fame, beef with Jay-Z, relationship with Kelis and more.

(via sojones)

Will This Debt Nas Owes Overshadow What Was Probably One Of The Best Rappers Of His Time?


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