VA-Garments | New ONLINE STORE Web Link

(ABOVE) left to right: VA-Skull Navy CULT T.Shirt, VA-Skull Red CULT T.Shirt (Available Online Now)


Our latest collection to be released is a tale of two stories ‘Tailor Made’ vs ‘Raw & Uncut’. These collection’s are our first of 2012 and follow on from our ‘Unorthodox’ Collection.  Raw & uncut is a representation of urban street fashion at it’s rawest effect. This demonstrates the use of dark colours and street influenced designs such as skulls, BMX Cranks and edgy font’s. Raw & Uncut can be used to fit urban lifestyle which cover’s a fast amount of trends such as skater, rock, BMX Bikers and causal street wearers.

Whereas Tailor made is working more with the use of cuts and patterns taking from British tailoring. And as time goes by the story of both collections evolve which are shown through bigger and bolder products.

What Side Will You Pick??


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