Fashion | VA-Garments.. Tracking Mario’s Tracksuit

Last week saw Noel Gallagher, former Oasis front man and winner of the God-Like Genius gong at the NME awards, interview Mario Balotelli, Manchester City striker and the number 2 Best Dressed Man 2012 awarded by GQ magazine.

Mario was seen wearing a navy zip-up tracksuit jacket with gold zip, teamed with black tracksuit bottoms and white gym boots. To say he outshone solo-artist Noel Gallagher’s dress sense, voted in at number 42 on the best-dressed list, would be unfair, but Balotelli states that “an English person cannot speak about style with an Italian person”. Debatable, especially when he’s flashing more cleavage than Simon Cowell on holiday.

We at VA-Garments feel he could improve on his look by wearing our VA Raw & Uncut LTD Black Zip-Up.

The front has a subtle, subdued feel to it, reflecting Mario’s off-field nature. It sports the VA-Garments logo on the wrist of the left sleeve, a nice addition to this comfortable and fitted zip-up jacket.

The reverse has a bright, vibrant and energetic feel to it, similar to Mario’s on-field demeanour.

Find out prices and availability here.

Which side reflects you best, are you the on-field or the off-field Mario and why? Let us know!


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