Music and Film | VA-Garments.. Plan B’s iLL Manors.

This post is going to be kept to a minimum. We at VA-Garments don’t want to influence your views on this song written by 28 year old Plan B, which will be featured in film Ill Manors . Written and directed by the artist himself, it is to be released on the 4th May 2012.

I will just let you know some comments on the video:

strings are heavy , subject is heavy , tunes heavy – PeterSaville5

This country , like many others , is going through hard times. but it isn’t f****d. This is a good country with good people. rich or poor. You don’t hear or see them tho because they don’t riot , loot , mug , vandalise or intimidate. It isn’t the Goverments job to wipe your arse for you all your life. Oh , and be thankful you live in a country were you have the right to ( peacefuly ) protest without the Government going all ‘ Syrian ‘ on you… – imnotchesney


What are your views on this video and the message behind it? We want to hear from you and get a discussion going!

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