Fashion | VA-Garments.. Escape With Louboutins This Spring/Summer.

Personally, as a young male, I didn’t understand why females obsess and stress over high heels, this was until I saw the Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2012 collection. What was cloudy is now clear, shoes with spikes on? Go for it.

This season is no different to classic Louboutin shoes, the louder and higher the better. Prior to this blogpost, I decided to get to know women’s views on these shoes, a quote from a friend “SHOES WITH SPIKES ON ARE SO FIT” and “I need a pair of them. Now.”

These matt black heels, called ‘Asteroid Louboutins’, teamed with a dinosaur-like horn and trademark red soles are taking no prisoners. We at VA are trying to work out what would hurt more, the $1,595.00 price tag, or being kicked in the shin. These shoes will add half a foot to your height, and will give you priceless confidence.

These Christian Louboutin heels are the standout choice for our VA Escape Pencil Dress (black) as pictured below. The Escape dress has an open back and ‘side-wing’ to give you that futuristic feel which would accompany the sleek nature of the heels.


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