Fashion and Music | VA-Garments.. Chris Brown – Worst Dressed Man?

Misunderstood is a not a term that would usually be linked with 22 year old Chris Brown. Controversial rapper/singer was recently ranked as the number 1 Worst Dressed Man in the World by GQ magazine.

Here at VA-Garments, we feel, despite the picture above, that this is a harsh decision. Chris Brown confessed spending $15,000 on a mobile phone in track Yoko ft Wiz Khalifa as well as charging over $500 for a meet-and-greet session on his last tour. Does GQ have it in for him? Do they expect more from Brown because he earns so much money? The pictures chosen on the GQ website show him from 6 or 7 years ago. (6 or 7 years ago I wore a black and white chequered hoody, everybody makes a few fashion-faux-pas).

Now to 2012; in the music video for Chris Brown’s latest track, Turn Up the Music ft Rihanna, he is well-groomed and sharp. His attire is less shock-horror and more dressed-proper. He can clearly wear suits until the sun no longer rises, he has a nice body structure which means he could go either formal or casual and his face shape suits the attire he’s sporting in the music video.

Does this show that Chris Brown is in a need of a personal stylist for his everyday lifestyle? Does he care about his wardrobe when his music is winning him award after award, or does he think that what he’s wearing is fashionable?

What are YOUR views on this? Let us know!



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