Fashion | VA-Garments.. Bold Move by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has released a new range of cotton underwear, titled as CK Bold.

CK was founded by fashion designer Calvin Klein in 1968 in the US. The first collection was a line of men’s and women’s wigs, followed by scarves, shoes, belts, furs, sunglasses, clothing and bed linen. CK is recognised for excellent quality, the finest design and on-trend styles and fashions.

The Bold range consists of briefs and trunks and come in a variety of different colours. The commercial, directed by Steven Klein (of no relation to Calvin), features 3 models frolicking around in the morning sun… on a jungle-gym … with nothing but the briefs on. Despite this, the advert passes with flying colours; turquoise, yellow, pink and purple colours to be precise.

Personally, I have always been a fan of Calvin Klein’s; they give a priceless sense of confidence as well as being undeniably comfortable. You can find these for £25 a pair from retailers such as John Lewis, House of Fraser and Debenhams.

Would you pay £25 for a pair of boxers? If so, what is your favourite colour? Let us know!



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