Fashion and Music | VA-Garments.. Rihanna’s Gangsta Goth Geisha ‘Guise

Rihanna decided to share a few pictures with the world via Twitter and boy, are we glad she did.

The 24 year old posted a couple of photos of herself from the video for Princess of China, the latest single from Brit-band Coldplay’s album Mylo Xyloto. Rihanna features, in her own words, as a “gangsta goth geisha”.

Only Rihanna could pull off over-the-top eyelashes, blood red lips partnered with a brave hairdo as pictured below.

Apparently, Rihanna was seen leaving Two-and-a-Half Men actor Ashton Kutcher’s mansion in the early hours wearing something normal people would wear! Unsurprisingly, she still looked alright… She was sporting a betty-boop style headband and matching polka-dot shoes (I wouldn’t be surprised if she put Ashton in a spot of bother).

Which look of hers do you prefer? Is there anything fashion faux-pas that you’ve seen Rihanna wear?



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