Music | VA-Garments.. Azealia Banks; The Fun Has Just Begun

The hype surrounding New York rapper Azealia Banks is forever increasing.

After recently signing to the world’s largest record label Universal and picking up the Philip Hall Radar Award at this year’s NME Awards, her album is eagerly anticipated and is to be entitled as Broke With Expensive Taste. Over the weekend, Banks released track F*** Up the Fun:

Her no-holds-barred lyrical approach to her songs is gaining her worldwide acknowledgment as well as an adoring fan-base. F*** Up the Fun is produced by Diplo and MasterD. The latter of the two DJ’s works within the underground sphere of ‘bubbling’, a genre of music which is yet to have that real breakthrough, but with 20 year old Azealia Banks working with them, who knows? This may be the start of something amazing.

Do you think Azealia Banks is to become the new leading lady of rap and carry on from where the likes of Missy Elliot left off?


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