Fashion | VA-Garments.. Flower Power Vans

Every time I have been shopping in the past fortnight, one pair of trainers has caught my eye permanently. Patterns are huge right now in menswear; in this Spring/Summer season, Aztec and floral prints are absolutely dominating stores nationwide, so it comes with no surprise that a brand, Vans in this case, have designed a shoe perfectly in-keeping with this season’s style. I introduce you to the ‘Vans Rata Floral Print Plimsolls’.

These shoes are as comfy as they are stylish; they have the typical Vans canvas outer-layer with a 100% rubber sole. I tried on a pair today; it is safe to say that these will be mine shortly.

What can you wear these with? You would have to opt for something without many colours and patterns on, I suggest our VA Skull CULT Grey LTD with denim shorts (below by topman) or chino shorts which I have put together to give you some inspiration:

You do not want to overpower the shoes and be wearing too many colours because this will make you look like a walking talking florist, nobody wants that. These are the ideal shoes for this summer, light, comfy and easy to wear.

Available from most major retailers – AsosSchuh


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