Fashion | VA-Garments.. Topman Denim Jacket Project.

The denim jacket: a timeless classic and an instant investment. Topman are launching their Denim Jacket Project campaign on April 5th and are inviting top fashion designers down to refresh this classic look first conceived cerca 1873.

Lou Dalton, Katie Eary, Mark McNairy, Shaun Samson, Oliver Spencer and Topman Design have each bought their own twist to the iconic item of clothing, available in-store and online.

Lou Dalton

Katie Eary

Mark McNairy

Shaun Samson Denim Jacket

Oliver Spencer Denim Jacket

Topman Design Denim Jacket

I personally prefer the Lou Dalton design most, it is subtle and beautiful, how a denim jacket should be, it is not trying too hard and being over the top; you can leave that to the choice of shirt you pick underneath.

I own two denim jackets, both of which are Levi’s. The first, a 1970’s light blue jacket with sheep-wool (left) and the other is a 1970’s two pocket indigo blue jacket (right) which I wear all year round, it is thin enough to wear during summer nights and has enough room underneath for more layers for the winter time. Simply put, a denim jacket is an absolute must for your wardrobe.

Which jacket is your favourite and why? Write below to share your views!

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