Sport | VA-Garments.. adidas – Ready to Run?

The latest advert to emerge by adidas is fast-tempo and upbeat, featuring some of the biggest sports stars worldwide. England legend David Beckham and the youngest MVP in history Derrick Rose wear the latest running gear in this 1 minute advert.

With Beckham featuring, I pretty much have to like it, but without him the ad would still be a success. With not much emphasis on the products themselves this clip is more centred around the usage of the clothing, how well they perform under strenuous activity and how they can be worn in numerous different scenarios.

The music is aptly fast and furious, Trolley Snatcha, the artist behind the track (named The Jungle!) is gaining more and more recognition in the dubstep scene, and this major breakthrough could mean big things for the 24 year old. He is touring worldwide this coming month, find out more here:

Do you like the new advert, is there enough focus on the clothing or would you like to see more?


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