Fashion | VA-Garments.. The Future of Women’s Trainers?

Wedges + Hi-tops + Trainers + Heels = The future?

The trainer and the heel – the difference between day and night for most females, so what would happen if a footwear company created a hybrid between the two? Find out below!

Even the likes of Amber Rose (above left) and Rihanna (above right) wear sneakers, so how would they take to the infusion of wedges and hi-tops like these: footwear company Ash have created the “Ginger White Canvas Low Wedge Trainers” – a Converse lookalike, sure, but I can assure you these are of high quality with a price-tag of £79.

If you would like to see more designs keep checking back for more posts to come. Available from

Ash’s hi-top wedge trainers have sold-out five times over, so perhaps this is the beginning of a new dawn, what do you think of them?

One comment

  1. Excuse me, but where would I buy a pair of converse wedges, such as the ones in the second picture, preferably black? Money is no object. Thank you.

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