Events | VA-Garments.. ILUVLIVE Does It Again

Last Monday (02.04.2012) the ILUVLIVE audience witnessed yet another superb evening of live music, and sponsors VA-Garments were all over it!
Artists included the previously written about Saskilla (read here), Kaleem Taylor, Cashtastic, RoxXxan, Mahalia and Alex Mills. Each individual act wowed the crowd and the atmosphere inside was rightly buzzing. Kaleem Taylor’s performance was magic, Saskilla and RoxXxan were on top form, as were Alex Mills, Cashtastic and Mahalia, but that’s what you’ve come to expect from these guys, consistently flawless performances.

The VA-Garments team were on hand to witness the acts live and can assure you that the next event is not to be missed! You can find tickets below…

Alan Ade, Roxxxann, Vidal Bulls

Alex Mills


Kaleem Taylor




Get your tickets early to ensure that you’re not disappointed here!

Who would you like to see performing at future ILUVLIVE events?


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