The Devon Tread 2 Watch

The newly released Devon Tread 2 watch embodies some of the cutting edge components of the amazing Devon Tread 1. This American-made watch uses hybrid technology including a battery ticker and a traditional spring system to allow for accurate and reliable time reading. The sleek aesthetic of the durable band flows nicely into the intricate and technical face of the watch. A unique pulley system points to the hour in a vertical fashion, giving a unique twist to telling time. The Devon Tread 2 is appealing to the watch enthusiast looking to stay ahead of the curve with good old American ingenuity.


•       42mm x 38mm x 14.5mm 316L Stainless Steel case

•       1mm thick sapphire crystal

•       Water resistant to 10M

•       Black Rubber Strap

•       .002” thick glass reinforced, Nylon Time Belts©

•       Lithium polymer rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 weeks
•       Inductive wireless charging system
This watch is a masterpiece and a one of a kind…… WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW THE DEVON TREAD 2 WATCH? 

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