VA Online Store | Three New Products Available Online NOW!

At VA-Garments we have added three newly made proudcts for the RAW & UNCUT collection specially for you. The collection has done really well and the demand for more has not gone unnoticed, soooo just for you we have created VA Raw & Uncut LTD Grey Jumper, VA Tailor Made Navy Jumper and VA-Skull Notes.

VA-Skull Notes: £22.00 GBP

This stylish Grey T-Shirt is part of the 2012 VA Collection “Raw & Uncut” Collection.  The print features a large Skull design in muscial notes, which features in black and purple.

VA Raw & Uncut LTD Grey Jumper: £30.00 GBP

This stylish Grey Jumper is part of the 2012 VA Collection…“Raw & Uncut”. The print features the VA Raw & Uncut design in to colours in blue and white.

VA Tailor Made Navy: £30.00 GBP

This stylish jumper is part of the 2012 VA Collection… ” Tailor made”. The jumper takes its influence from British Tailoring use of colour and the title given ‘ Tailor Made ‘.  This is a mid-weight cotton Blue jumper with White screen print design on the of the jumper.



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