Audi’s Wörthersee e-bike

Our passion for bikes at VA-Garments keeps on growing and this one here is a BEAST, if i must say myself. Audi’s e-bike Wörthersee prototype presents a new standard in electric bikes. The German automakers  unveil their highly advanced, versatile design at the 2012 Wörthersee tour in Austria–a carbon fiber-reinforced sporting bike technology that marks new limits in categories of design, construction, networking and electric mobility. Weighing only 46.30 pounds with a power ratio of 19.84 pounds per kilowatt, the bike has a 2.3kW electric motor that uses a lithium-ion battery with a 2.5 hour quick charge-up time.

The bike offers five travel modes, ranging from pedal-power to electric-only, and inclusive of two “Wheelie” modes where the power is automatically controlled to assist the rider while the front wheel grabs some air. Riders can run through five travel programs including a pedelec mode, where the e-bike is said to achieve a top speed of up to 50 mph (80 km/h) with a range of between 31 and 44 miles (50 – 70 km) per charge. In electric-only mode with a twistgrip controlling the power output, the top speed is 31 mph (50 km/h). ‘NOW THAT IS SPEED’.  What more can one say about this Audi e-bike? Whats your thoughts on it?


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