VA-Garments Raw & Uncut 012′ (Second Instalment)


Our last collection was a tail of two stories ‘Tailor Made’ vs ‘Raw & Uncut’ and it still is. The last collection was our first of 2012 and followed on from our ‘Unorthodox’ Collection.(KEEP UP GUYS) lol. These two collection’s, which where and still are (Tailor Made vs Raw & Uncut)  take into consideration the edgy east London street styles and everyday lifestyle feel we see.  Each product has been created through a Tailor Made perspective with an outlook of Rawness to them.

So what we have done over at VA-Garments is release our Second Instalment of our Raw & Uncut vs Tailor Made Collection pieces. You would have seen the likes of Nigeria’s Konvict Music Wizkid and Ice Prince recently spotted in some of the Raw & Uncut products.
This instalment include over 3 new colorways and 1 new design signifying our british culture and suburban roots. Raw & Uncut is all about our street cool vybe representing our VA-Lifestyle which includes our signature VA Logo pop art and camouflaged designs using vibrant colors intwined. NEWLY RELEASED PRODUCTS OUT NOW, TAKE A LOOK BELOW:

VA King of Kings Pop Art Deep-Blue £25.00 GBP

VA Portrait LTD T-shirt Grey £25.00 GBP

VA King of Kings Pop Art White £25.00 GBP

VA Portrait LTD T-shirt Grey £25.00 GBP

VA Skull CULT White £22.00 GBP

VA RAW & UNCUT Vest Top £20.00 GBP
VA-Dirty British White £25.00 GBP

Don’t delay be apart of the VA lifestyle……The VA-Garments Raw & Uncut 012′ (Second Instalment)  are available online NOW at  

The question is which side will you sport?



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