Levis are at it again, with there Levi’s Commuter Fall 2012 Collection. Having the city bikers and regular riders in mind. ( “We always bring you active bikers something to read about”). The collection that launched in late 2011 was  well received and continues to make more noise with a casual, yet functional, set of goods every season.

The all weather interpretation of Levi’s® iconic Trucker Jacket is made of treated stretch, twill fabric and includes a concealed nylon hood – perfect for any weather Mother Nature throws your way. For Fall 2012, a rich ivy green color will be made available.

The collection enters its third season with ride-friendly gear for Fall/Winter 2012. Solving the ongoing problem of sweat drenched clothes, the four piece collection will keep you dry from the time you get on to the time you get off the bike. The Levi’s® Commuter Series expands to offer avid cyclists a true head-to-toe uniform. The latest collection introduces new styles and maintains the innovative technologies that have made Levi’s® Commuter Series a coveted collection.

New to the Commuter Series collection is the 505™ Commuter in jean and cropped jean styles. The 505™ Commuter features a wider, tapered leg for more room and to avoid any snagging on your bike chain. These products are technologically advanced without compromising style, Form, Function or Cycling.


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