Accessories | Pocket Squares

Funny story to my weekend, this past saturday i had a wedding to attend and i had everything but a Pocket Square. Can you guys imagine a Pocket Square, it was the last missing piece to my outfit.

Few accessories for men have the ability to go from fashionable to functional in a second like a well-folded pocket square. A  pocket square at its best is when you add a dash of color and style to your wardrobe, and proper pocket square folds add a touch of uniqueness to your overall look. This i found out over the weekend, a pocket square in a neat fold rounds out the look and gives it a freshness that only this accessory can achieve.

A few exmaples of a standard issue pocket square fold for everyday wear with a conservative suit or a retro-cut suit with a narrow lapel. (Below)

  A designer i came across this weekend was RICHARD JAMES, simply because of the texture of the material and the way he played with the prints on it (Picture below). 
He had a silk pocket square, printed in red, white and blue. I loved it because he was British. But didn’t buy it, next time i will.


So this brings me to what i wore on the night,Looking like i stepped out of a GQ Magazine. I will let you guys be the judge of (Picture Below)


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