Givenchy SS 2013 Pre-Collection Backpacks & Sneakers

A month ago we showed you the Givenchy Spring 2013 Pre-Collection and as usual the brand did not disappoint. Now Givenchy’s Spring Summer 2013 Pre-Collection of backpack & sneakers features elements from Riccardo Tisci’s two previous Givenchy mens collections, Spring Summer 2013 and 2013 Resort collection. The green paisley, antique fighter plane, with the Madonna and (now iconic). This collection is a very eye-catching range full of footwear and  bag accessories.

 The backpacks shown are all the same model but Givenchy’s powerful prints set them all apart in a variety of ways, in use of colour and  green paisley prints as well as religious themes.

 Givenchy also introduces us to his sneaker collection, using the green paisley war plane print, that we already saw on the backpack and some t-shirts, now also appears on a high top sneakers. They come in mid and high top styles which feature in white, black and white leather options, some more simple than others. Unfortunately we will still need to wait a little bit for the release of these products, stay tuned…… VA-Garments will definitely alert you when they will be available. 


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