3d Art

I stumbled across some really cool art drawings over the internet and had to share it with you guys. There are some amazing things that people have been able to draw with chalk. It has become one of my favourite things to google at the moment and its called  3D chalk drawings. Usually, these drawings are done on the street, but sometimes people get a very creative and put them in other places and settings. Below I  have picked out a couple of the best drawings I’ve seen so far.




Artist : Erik Johansson in Stockholm’s Square (below)


Julian Beever’s illusion drawing of himself.


This drawing below may look simple …BUTTTT just look closely at how realistic that basketball looks in the middle of the road =0 ……ShockingggGGG!!!!!


If you check out the image below, you will  see an amazing 3D chalk drawing that would definitely scare you out of your mind in real life. Someone drew inside an elevator to make it look as if the elevator had no floor. It gives the illusion, that if you step into the elevator you will plummet straight to the bottom.


Now you can not tell me that this is not one of the coolest things you have ever seen. The choice of colour and texture that was used in each of these pieces of art work is something that required a lot of time and dedication. Anyone who has this much talent is simply astonishing in my mind.

Stay motivated guysSSSss 

M.B x


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