The VA PAISLEY AUTHENTIC LONG NAVY T-SHIRT is apart of the VA-Garments New Authentic range apart of the Tailor Made range for Autumn & Winter. On the top half the long T-shirt is made from high quality navy cotton, it also features a unique paisley fabric  made from silk and polyester located on the bottom of the t-shirt and to finish it off  a gold zip running down the side of the paisley fabric . It details and unique cuts only exclusive to VA-Garments. This luxurious top is one a kind, which will be great for all year round. As the t-shirt has been extended at the bottom this gives it that unique edge. This is an exclusive and iconic product for VA-Garments. The Tee is an absolute MUST HAVE for this year!!!!!

Mail Attachment

The exclusive, must have!! VA PAISLEY AUTHENTIC LONG NAVY T-SHIRT is available to purchase online right now at:

Here at VA we believe in quality and progression, thats why at VA Garments it only gets better every single time.

It’s a lifestyle, it’s passion, it’s VA Garments.

Soo Keep it VA !!!!

M.B x

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