VA Garments Latest Photo-Shoot…. pt 2

Here we have a few images from the latest photo shoot  from VA Garments. It’s a new look very edgy, cool and clean cut. Key pieces from the collection include leather jackets, sleeveless bomber jackets and long bomber jackets which push the boundaries of mens street wear.

Check out some of the images from the shoot:

_58A2670VA-June-MALE _58A2729VA-June-MALE _58A2694VA-June-MALE _58A2790VA-June-MALE _58A2929VA-June-MALE _58A2837VA-June-MALE _58A2999VA-June-MALE _58A3053VA-June-MALE



Check out our online store pieces are available to purchase online right now at:

get that summer swag with VA Garments British fashion is the style for this Fall. Be apart of that VA Lifestyle.

Here at VA we believe in quality and progression, thats why at VA Garments it only gets better every single time.

It’s a lifestyle, it’s passion, it’s VA Garments.

Soo Keep it VA !!!!

M.B x

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