VA Garments for DV8

A couple days ago when we visited  DV8 there was an amazing atmosphere with a group of young talented people. we came to speak about our journey at VA Garments along with Lawrence Lartey (Quick Media/Channel 4) & Natalie Wade (Small Green Shoots) to listen to these young enthusiastic  individuals talking about creating music, planning events across the UK, projects management and so much more, the whole experience was inspiring to say the least. Check out if you want to understand that life  is a choice therefore you choose how much work your going put into it. This message says really it all and is one that VA Garments live by.

Check out the images below of all the youth we met of the day, throwing up their VA signs :




A message Idris received after he gave the youth a speech …..Its great to encourage and motivate people to follow their dreams, you never know who needs the help…. supporting each other does not cost much.



Check out our online store pieces are available to purchase online right now at:

get that summer swag with VA Garments British fashion is the style for this Fall. Be apart of that VA Lifestyle.

Here at VA we believe in quality and progression, thats why at VA Garments it only gets better every single time.

It’s a lifestyle, it’s passion, it’s VA Garments.

Soo Keep it VA !!!!

M.B x


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