With just 2 weeks till the opening of the first ever VA Garments store we can see things are starting to take form …. from the  store logo, the interior to the carrier bags we at VA are very excited for the world to see what we have to offer….. We have come along way and can only thank you all for your support over the years we really appreciate it all, from purchasing pieces of our clothing, to posting pics of yourselves wearing it, thank you for the constant love.

Soooo we do hope everyone can make it to enjoy the next next step for us at VA GARMENTS!!!!

VA Clothing



The VA Team is strong ……Having a solid team that understands the vision is the best thing!!!!


Check out our online store pieces are available to purchase online right now at:


get that summer swag with VA Garments British fashion is the style for this Fall. Be apart of that VA Lifestyle.

Here at VA we believe in quality and progression, thats why at VA Garments it only gets better every single time.

It’s a lifestyle, it’s passion, it’s VA Garments.

Soo Keep it VA !!!!

M.B x


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