VA-G is a brand new fashion label to take the UK by storm. Breaking away from the stereotypical urban trends affiliated amongst our common society, and with both of us growing up in the South/South East of London, our main aim was to produce a brand, that could change perceptions and break barriers of what a modern youth culture, specifically young black youths, felt were socially accepted.
It’s our uninspiring backgrounds, surroundings and pessimistic attitudes we’re faced with, that spurred us on to create VA-G and create an impact on urban fashion. VA-G is characteristically recognised for its creative design, built up of block, geometric shapes, juxtaposing primary and secondary colour combinations, with detailed attention paid to the experimental and unique cut and construction of a simple menswear jacket or hooded jumper.


  1. Yo V,

    Its me Rodrick. We bumped into each other on the graduate MBA interview. Just checking out your site. BAD BOY Clothes! Respect.

    Lastly man add me on fb we need to chat business. I lost your pin cos my phone went funny. But for the meanwhile holla at me on FB.

    p.s.Check out http://www.Uband.co.uk
    Rodrick Silva.

  2. Dear Va Garments

    My name is Marijn Soeters. I own the Instagram account Blckfashion. Through this account I have come into contact with several clothing brands and have been distributing brands from foreign countries to the Netherlands. I work as a distributing agent to provide brands from all over Europe, United States of America and Asia a section in Dutch clothing shops and web-shops. I have personal connections with high positioned people within several Dutch clothing shops such as Swag Fashion Store, Oqium, Gorilli concept store.

    At the moment I am employed by Swag Fashion Store and I am active as a distribution agent to give brands such as your own a section within the clothing shop ‘ Swag Fashion Store’. I am also a spokesman for the company and on behalf of SFS screen brands who seem fitted for the company’ s desires. The SFS will also launch a webshop where they will sell all the clothing they have in the actual clothing shop.

    We are eager to collaborate with your brand for a succesful future. Therefore I ask of you if you are interested in expending your range of retail by letting it be sold by the Swag Fashion Store webshop and the clothing shop which is situated in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    I hope to hear from you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Marijn Soeters, Blckfasion

    Please reply: blckfashion@hotmail.com

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