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SIX LEE, Spring/Summer 2013 was about traditional tailoring with a futuristic twist. Inspired by the paintings of plants and exotic animals by Argentinian artist Juan Gatti, along with the first drawings of the human body, the designer’s characteristically elegant silhouettes in rich materials returned in muted shades of pale blue, green, pink and grey.

The fine clothing of the English aristocracy, meanwhile, along with the costumes of Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, and the uniforms of British schoolboys, served as reference points for the collection’s emphasis on sharpness, layering and transparency. Also of note were the light summer coats in thin wool and cotton, garments that played on this season’s juxtaposition of classic references and airy, forward-thinking designs. Pictures Below:





Whats your thoughts on the new Six Lee 2013 Spring/Summer Collection?

Swear Footwear – Brand Repositioning

London based footwear specialist Swear over the last several months have been looking into repostioning the brands outlook. Swear is one of the leading contemporary fashion footwear companies of the UK.

They have looked high and low and have gone with the creator of H by Hudson’s International footwear expansion, Dominic Webster. Mr Webster has been in the industry of men and womens footwear for over 4 years now and has now taken on another venture for him to put his creative thoughts into.

His appointment at Swear will oversee the existing design team including menswear designer Matthew Taylor and womenswear designer Simona Citrella, previously of Dolce & Gabbana. Swear will be launching its new AW10 footwear collection very soon, it remains influenced by music and youth culture, reinterpreting classic styles but keeping up with modern luxury. If you do not know about Swear check out www.swear-london.com for the latest bits and pieces. With Spring/Summer around the corner as stated in our previous post:25/02/10 ‘How Spring Footwear may look’ footwear will never lose its buzz and as consumers we have to make sure we have the latest wear. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS..

How Spring Footwear May Look..


Its never to early to start preparation for this years Spring/Summer look, fashion sleeps for no one.This week we are looking at footwear, an essential part of our casual, classy and sophisticated wear.

Vans! now the thing withVans is that they have been out for a while and they did have their in season time last year. With Spring/Summer around the corner undoubtably those who are comfortable with the brand and have been for a while will bring them back and wear them on a day to daybasis without fail. More for the standard wearers. 

Veja Indigenos High Top Sneaker

Then you move onto ‘Veja’ a brand that specifically produce footwear, accessories and bags. These being one of the pairs that caught my eye due to the fact it was suede and it can be described as a ‘Hi Top’ pair of sneakers but still low cut and can be laced up to the top. These are more than just a day to day but more of an occasion whereby you want people to see you rock these with some either crotched cut fit jeans or some nice fit three quarters.

Barajas MidBlack Retro Hi-Top Boots

Now with these 2 pairs Barajas mid (left) Black retro Hi Tops (right) are more the fashionable type wear kicks when worn properley by the right individual. Again pairs of kicks that both make statements and make any fashionable person ask themselves “where did you get those from”. The garments associated with these pairs will bring them out even more because they are both neat and have that clean cut look to it.

You have to be ahead of fashion but at the same time interpret what looks the seasons will be running with. London Fashion Week funnily enough did not have a strict trend which was good meaning different wears will dictate for differetnt individuals on their taste. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS