Feature | VA-Garments x PUNCH (Nigerians Widespread Newspaper)

As of late alot of people have been sending us email’s and comments regarding the likes of Wiz Kid, Ice Prince and Young Skales who have all been spotted in our recent wear which is appreciated. We were then approached by one of the top Nigerian journalist over at ‘PUNCH‘, who caught up with us at VA-Garments HQ to gain a closer insight into how we actually started and what the vision behind Visual Artistic Garmetnts means to us and our consumers.

Check it out;

VA-GARMENTS X PUNCH Article (Read More) Style is what you make it….

Spotted | K Koke x VA-Red Label Snapback (Exclusive)

K Koke Sporting VA-Red Label Snapback Release Next Week

Apart of Roc Nations abundance of talent, K Koke some may argue is 1 of the best Rappers to come out of North West London and represent the UK to the fullest. With his strong vocab in his lyrics and stop start flow which can be spat on any sort of beat it will be hard to stop him recieving the success he deserves. Within his busy schedule we were fortunate to catch up with him and discuss his album drop and sort of vybe he was looking to go with on it.  Shout out Kritikal and Ben big movers apart of the K Koke entourage.

Not heard of K Koke? Cant believe that…..

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Spotted | Young Skales x VA-Skull Sweater

Young Skales sporting VA-Skull Sweater

As you have been seeing in recent weeks in London, anyone thats everyone has been over to perform their own concert or at a festival as its all going down in LDN as they say. This year specifically african music has grown and it has to be said especially Nigerian artist (lol) have been making some real strong waves with the likes of Wizkid, Banky Wellington, Ice Prince and Young Skales. Wizkid just finished a tour over 2 weeks ago with Banky and Young Skales supporting him and was even spending alot of time with the man of the moment Tinie Tempah.

At VA-Garments we believe fashion is worldwide and so we only felt it would be right to get in touch with these artist not only because we enjoy their music but to also show case their style in different forms.

Check this track out; ‘Young Skales ft Tupengo’

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Fashion | Online Shopping Is The Future..


Nearly nine out of 10 UK consumers now shop for clothes on the internet, a new high according to new research from Cotton Council International published today. The report states that 44 per cent of Brits go online at least once a month or more to buy clothes, with a committed 3 per cent doing this daily, this is second only to groceries (50%) in terms of the nation’s shopping habits.

Two years ago only 3 per cent of the nation bought most of their clothes online, this has increased to 13 per cent, showing the trend that consumers are moving away from chain and speciality stores in order to stock their wardrobes, which is down from 43 per cent to 31.5 per cent.

The biggest trends showcased in the research are that 42 per cent of consumers now use the internet to compare products and prices across stores, and almost 60 per cent of consumers still preferring to spend on better more on better quality items. In addition, the report also found that a third go online just to browse the latest styles.

Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, International Marketing Manager, Cotton Council International comments: “Our research reveals that there has been a marked uplift for people going online to research and buy clothing, but not at the expense of quality.

“This trend has seen retailers across the board take more of an interest in their online clothing offering – ensuring the customer experience, delivered both on and offline is second to none.”

(via fashion united)

So since more of you guys are shopping online nowadays it would be just wrong if you didn’t stop by this Online Store VA-GARMENTS ONLINE STORE

Spotted | Ice Prince x VA-Garments (Certified King Of Kings)

One of Africa’s biggest and finest rappers Ice Prince was out partying sporting a VA-Kings Of King Certified Top. -Ice Prince is well know for featuring on the infamous “Fuck U” which was produced by Kid Konnect and his ‘JuJu‘ track which was shot in the beautiful Johannesburg.

Fashion is a worldwide element and as African artist and music evolves we at VA-Garments HQ are making sure we attract attention from the very best of them.


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What African Artist Would You Like To See Next Sport The VA-Garments Brand??

Music | Black Cobain Releases ‘Cheers’ Mixtape

Black Cobain: Sporting VA-Kings Of King Camoflage

Good friend of ours from straight up VA (Virginia) has finally released his anticipated Cheers Mixtape. Cheers dropped on April 30th — a day after Black’s birthday — so we’re a little late on this one, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the 16-track collection. Black is the first artist signed to Wale’s DMV-based label The Board Administration, and Cheers is his fourth project in as many years.

We were lucky enough to catch up with him when he was in the UK as he stopped by the VA-Garments HQ to bless us with a freestyle soon to be released, so watch this space.

Have a listen to 5am the sequel to 4am ft Wale..

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Music and Film | VA-Garments.. Plan B’s iLL Manors.

This post is going to be kept to a minimum. We at VA-Garments don’t want to influence your views on this song written by 28 year old Plan B, which will be featured in film Ill Manors . Written and directed by the artist himself, it is to be released on the 4th May 2012.

I will just let you know some comments on the video:

strings are heavy , subject is heavy , tunes heavy – PeterSaville5

This country , like many others , is going through hard times. but it isn’t f****d. This is a good country with good people. rich or poor. You don’t hear or see them tho because they don’t riot , loot , mug , vandalise or intimidate. It isn’t the Goverments job to wipe your arse for you all your life. Oh , and be thankful you live in a country were you have the right to ( peacefuly ) protest without the Government going all ‘ Syrian ‘ on you… – imnotchesney


What are your views on this video and the message behind it? We want to hear from you and get a discussion going!

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Fashion | VA-Garments.. Tracking Mario’s Tracksuit

Last week saw Noel Gallagher, former Oasis front man and winner of the God-Like Genius gong at the NME awards, interview Mario Balotelli, Manchester City striker and the number 2 Best Dressed Man 2012 awarded by GQ magazine.

Mario was seen wearing a navy zip-up tracksuit jacket with gold zip, teamed with black tracksuit bottoms and white gym boots. To say he outshone solo-artist Noel Gallagher’s dress sense, voted in at number 42 on the best-dressed list, would be unfair, but Balotelli states that “an English person cannot speak about style with an Italian person”. Debatable, especially when he’s flashing more cleavage than Simon Cowell on holiday.

We at VA-Garments feel he could improve on his look by wearing our VA Raw & Uncut LTD Black Zip-Up.

The front has a subtle, subdued feel to it, reflecting Mario’s off-field nature. It sports the VA-Garments logo on the wrist of the left sleeve, a nice addition to this comfortable and fitted zip-up jacket.

The reverse has a bright, vibrant and energetic feel to it, similar to Mario’s on-field demeanour.

Find out prices and availability here.

Which side reflects you best, are you the on-field or the off-field Mario and why? Let us know!

VA-Garments | Introducing Josh Marks (VA-Fashion Lifestyle Blogger)

Good afternoon everyone. We at VA-Garments HQ are always expanding the team in different areas and have yet again. We would like to proudly introduce to you Josh Marks our new Fashion lifestyle blogger. Josh is a young man that like’s to express his personal views very well and this will show with the next several thousand’s of post that will be hitting this site for all you readers.

As a fellow fashionista Josh likes to discuss both Male & Female aspects of fashion but sheds a different light to things rather than the ordinary. Another thing you may like to know is Josh has his own playlist that he mixes down with an array of tunes;

Listen for yourself: Josh Marks Musical Madness

We welcome Josh to our crazy world that is VA-Garments and hope you enjoy our updates even more!

Fashion | VA-Garments.. The Story So Far…

We always like to tell our stories with specific virals and pictures. Informing our fans and consumers giving them a better gist of whats happening with the brand for 2012 is one of our biggest goals. So the following information pretty much sums up whats been happening and what to expect over the next couple months from VA-Garments HQ.

Latest Artist Sporting The Brand;

@FEARLESSDUKUMAM: Dukuman (Check him our right here)

@Kano: Kano (Check him out right here)

@Joshoshomusic: Josh Osho (Check him our right here)

Latest projects;

@DJMELODYKANE: DJ Melody Kane holding up our VA-Garment X I LUV LIVE t.shirts. We OFFICIALLY sponsor the every Monday fortnight event in the heart of east london. Watch our for competitions, raffles and a VA-Garments Takeover Special! (you didn’t hear that from us)

If your not aware of what I LUV LIVE is your missing out on some of the UK’s biggest talents and up and coming stars. Have a look for yourself;

Cleo Sol since then has now been signed to Island Records.

And we have just gone LIVE! with our Tailor Made vs Raw & Uncut Collections on our New layout Online Store more info and pictures to come.. Keep your eyes peeled to your screens and ears to the streets….